Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shoved Through My Mailslot #7

Shoved Through My Mailslot is a bi-weekly meme here at a Book Lover's Ramblings, it's purpose is to showcase all the books (or bookish items) I got in the mail or bought over a two week period.

Last week: Mail
The week before, I won an ARC of Fins Are Forever + some Just for Fins swag, and I got it on Monday.

On Tuesday, I received a necklace I ordered awhile ago. The necklace is made from the covers of hardback books, which is why I'm including it in STMM.

Last week I won a signed The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer from Midnyte Reader, and it came on Thursday!

A week or two ago I participated in the #BlueBloodsCoverHunt on Twitter, and I was a runner up so I won a signed copy of Lost in Time. It came on Friday along with some unexpected goodies, two Silver Blood pouches and a poster for Cinda Williams Chima's upcoming The Crimson Crown.

At the beginning of the week I ordered Beauty for reasons I can't remember, but I'm super excited it came.

Last week: Bought
When I went to B&N Tuesday for Team Human they didn't have it in, yet, so I got Journey to the Fringe instead.

On Wednesday, because everyone in my family was off work for Independence Day, we went to Grand Rapids and stopped at Barnes & Noble where I was able to get my hands on Team Human, The Near WitchRuby Red, and a signed The Goddess Test.

Thursday I went, again, to B&N where I got Eve and Juliet Immortal.

This week: Mail
I ordered Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix a couple weeks ago, and they finally came.

For Blood Moon's release Alyxandra Harvey gave away stickers and tattoos to anyone who sent in a picture of themselves with their copy of the book. (Left pic is my entry)

Awhile ago I entered in a giveaway at Mrs. ReaderPants for a signed ARC of Sweet Shadows, and I won. The book came on Saturday.

This week: Bought
I went to Schuler's Books on Tuesday and found Vampire Academy, Shadow Kiss, and The Coffin Club with their original covers in the used books section. I'm so happy I found them! Awhile ago I found VA #2, Frostbite, with it's old cover in my local used bookstore, and have been looking for VA and SK ever since.

On Friday I went to Barnes & Noble and bought Heist Society and the House of Night: Legacy graphic novel.

Saturday I went to my local used bookstore and found Weetzie Bat and Kiss of Life.

A very large haul for the last two weeks. Wasn't expecting it to be this big. :D
What did you get shoved through your mailslot in the past two weeks?

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