Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shoved Through My Mailslot #3

Shoved Through My Mailslot is a bi-weekly meme here at a Book Lover's Ramblings, it's purpose is to showcase all the books (or bookish items) I got in the mail or bought over a two week period.

Last week: Mail
I ordered Black Dawn the week before, and it came on Wednesday. It's number 12 in the series, and I've decided to not put the descriptions anymore because it makes the post wayyyyyy to long, sorry.

City of Lost Souls was released on Tuesday, and my pre-order finally came on Friday. The second copy is for my friend's birthday present. I also ordered Lost Voices by Sarah Porter, and it arrived on Friday as well.

Blood Red Road came Saturday from Zoraida Córdova. I entered in a contest she had a bit ago, and I was one of the winners.

Last week: Bought
Bought Shiver on Thursday, not really sure why, but I had a coupon to B&N and I couldn't decide on anything, so I was just like "eenie meenie miny mo".

This week: Mail
I ordered Knife and Arrow from The Book Depository awhile ago, and they finally came on Monday. I first heard about these books through *Street-Angel on deviantART.

Awhile ago there was an Obsidian blog tour or something, and if you pre-ordered the new Obsidian paperback (above), then emailed proof of purchase, you qualified for signed swag (shown here).

This week: Bought
When I went to B&N on Friday I saw Of Poseidon by Anna Banks, and just HAD to get it, even though it doesn't officially release until Tuesday.

That's it for this STMM. I got a lot more mail than I was expecting, and bought a lot less than usual. Hmmm. . .
What did you get shoved through your mailslot in the past two weeks?

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