Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Week in Review [4/2]

So this past week I have been in the Great Smoky Mtns. for spring break. And it's been so much fun! Although it did storm in the afternoon the last few days. I did a little hiking, a bit a shopping, and a lot of lounging around. I also took lots of pictures, which I'm gonna share here!

This is the view from our cabin.
This is the side of our cabin that I took as we were leaving, so it's a bit cut off.

This is part of the view from the Apple House, a restaurant we went to on Tuesday.

Next is a bunch of pics I took while we were on our way to go gem mining.

These are from the hike we took on Friday.
These are rock sculptures my mom's friend made.
And on this hike we saw a bear!

Those are only about a quarter of the pics I took, but I didn't want to completely overwhelm you in pictures. Anyway, along with hiking and gem mining, we went white-water rafting (well, not me,the rest of my fam did), and I went shopping for my birthday, which is TODAY! Since I didn't ask for much, while me and my mom we out shopping we stopped at the Coach Outlet and she got me a cute wallet & clutch (pictured below).
We also went to an Old Navy Outlet, where I ran into an old classmate, which was pretty cool. While talking to her I found out she was staying in the same community as us, and, while we didn't look it up, she was staying in a cabin kinda close to mine.

After that we went to Books-A-Million, where I got a bunch of books, most of them on sale (Yay!).
That pretty much wraps up my vacation. All day Saturday was spent on the road coming home.

Now today, Sunday, is my birthday, and I did a few things to kinda celebrate it. Me and the fam went to Olive Garden for lunch, then stopped at B&N since both me and my cuz had coupons that expired today. I got 3 books, so my total book haul for the week was pretty big, being a total of 10.

For presents I got this really awesome necklace from Cadsawan Jewelry (pic below), and a gift card to Barnes & Noble.

So to wrap up, I had an awesome week! Hope yours was just as good, whether you were on spring break or not.

Best wishes,

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