Thursday, April 19, 2012

I've Been Thinking . . .

Of doing a bi-weekly "In My Mailbox"-type post (but not IMM because this isn't technically a book blog, so technically I can't participate in that. Also, I don't have a mailbox, I have a slot in the door that mail gets shoved through.) Maybe I'll call it "In My Entryway", you know, because that's where the mail is after it is shoved through the slot in the door. Oh, OR I could call it "Shoved Through My Mailslot"! Yes! Screw the first title, this is it! From Sunday on out, every two weeks (or whenever I remember) there will be a "Shoved Through My Mailslot" post displaying all the books I got in the mail or went out and bought in the time between posts.

Ah! I'm so excited! Now I'm off to make a graphic. Good day to you!

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