Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's Just—I Don't . . . UGHHH!!

I'm kinda disappointed that Stolen Away is taking me so long to get through (nearly 2 weeks). I'm about half way though it, and while something has happened, it doesn't feel like something happened. Maybe I was expecting there to be more fighting or freaking out or something that made what happened a big deal, and I think I was expecting that because that happens a lot in The Drake Chronicles, the first of Alyxandra Harvey's books I have read. In the Drake Chronicle books, there is A LOT of fighting and freaking and humor, all of which is practically nonexistent in Stolen Away.

So, I have been trying to make up for taking so long by reading other books. I read Torn by Amanda Hocking last week, and then yesterday and today I read Bumped by Megan McCafferty, and now I need to find another REALLY good book to read. Tonight's Grimm was about descendants from dragons, so I'm leaning towards starting Firelight by Sophie Jordan, but I don't know. . .

I'm feeling very off right now, I mean usually I feel a pull towards a certain book, but lately I haven't felt the pull at all, and I don't like that. UUUHHHHHHGGG, this is so frustrating!! I keep scanning and scanning my shelves, hoping something will stand out, and NOTHING! Nothing stands out, nothing even remotely calls for me to read it.

Sorry for the ranting, I didn't mean to do that, it just came out. Hope you're having a better reading experience than me right now.

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