Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Statistical Probability of Me Getting Better Before Exams

Well, I'm still sick, and it really sucks. I'm soooooo bored. I went for a half day yesterday, and found out I don't have much make-up work to do, but I am exactly 3 weeks away from exams. I missed a few grammar lessons in Spanish, and I can't do the work because I have no idea what is supposed to happens to certain words when put with certain other words. And I'm soo confused.

I'm considering getting the book The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, hence the title of this post. I was on Goodreads and saw a positive review for it from one of my friends, but at the moment I'm entered in a couple giveaways for it, so I'll wait till those end before I go get it. 

I have this feeling like I'm not reading as much as I should be, like with the Debut Author Challenge I'm in, I feel like I should have read at least two books by now, when I haven't read any. Same thing with the TBR Pile Reading Challenge. I have 25 book set to read, and I've only read 3 of them, but I feel like I should have more done.


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