Monday, September 3, 2012

Shoved Through My Mailslot #10

Shoved Through My Mailslot is a bi-weekly meme here at A Book Lover's Ramblings, it's purpose is to showcase all the books (or bookish items) I got in the mail or bought over a two week period.

So sorry I'm late, you guys. I totally forgot about posting this week, because my calendar alert is automatically set for next week. Anyway, today's STMM is going to go a little different. Instead of spitting up the weeks, they are all going to be lumped together, with the only categories being Mail, Bought, and Swag. Yes, swag has it's own category because I got A LOT of it this past week. On to the pictures!

First, Just for Fins, Wake, and Tempest Unleashed came signed from Melania who runs Fangs, Felines, Fins, & Fun Fiction. Her two-year blogoversary was a couple of weeks ago, and she was giving away 2 prize packs, the 1st of which I was lucky enough to win.

Next, on Tuesday I went to B&N for Starling, among others, but they didn't have it, so I ordered it to be sent to my house. It came on Friday.

Also on Friday, I received Claire de Lune from Amber at Me, My Shelf, and I via the ARCycling program.

This is the reason I lumped everything together this week. I went to NYC two weeks ago, and came back with Rift, Throne of Glass, Bitterblue, Origin, Scarlet, Lips Touch: Three Times, Palace of Stone, Dance with a Vampire, Vampire Kisses, Nocturne, Echo, and Ascendant. Rift, Throne of Glass and Bitterblue are signed copies I got at the amazing Books of Wonder. I picked up Palace of Stone at Crawford Doyle Booksellers, and the rest I got at the Strand.

As soon as I got back from New York I went up to my aunt's house, and while up there we went to Books-A-Million, where I bought Onyx and Fathomless.

The day I got back from my aunt's(Tuesday) I went to B&N. I picked up Foretold, Innocent Darkness, Glitch and The Iron Legends.

Last but not least, on Thursday I drove with my cousin down to Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, IL for the 5 Great Reasons to Read event with Susan Dennard, Leigh Bardugo, Dan Krokos, Erica O'Rourke, and Veronica Roth. New Leaf Literary Agency, who represents all the authors, had exclusive content for anyone who bought 2 books for the event through Anderson's, so I bought Bound and False Memory.

Last week I entered in a photo contest Suzanne Lazear had for Innocent Darkness, so she sent me the ID postcard in the upper right corner, as well as the 2 bookmarks directly below it and a signed bookplate (not pictured).

Everything else came in the package of books Melania sent me (mentioned earlier).

 All of this swag came from the 5 Great Reasons to Read event I went to. The booklet and the Grisha poster was the exclusive content you received if you purchased 2 books trough Anderson's. There were two different posters available, First Army and Second Army, and I was given Second Army while my cousin got First Army (can be seen here). Veronica had faction temp tattoos as swag, while Dan and Erica had bookmarks, and Leigh had special Shadow & Bone nail polish. Susan offered up character cards and bookplates, but I had gotten all that at her signing in Grand Rapids at the end of July.

Now do you see why I split it up differently? :D
What did you get shoved through your mailslot in the past two three weeks?

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